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Something hit me this week in my vocation and I could not discern what it was. Something just did not fit and did not feel right. Then, talking with a friend today, it hit me…

I love the work I do. It is more than fun and definitively I have made some of my very best friends at the Respite. I love the teaching in the classroom I now lead and it is thrilling to see the augmentative communication and special education teaching benefit my students. It is honestly one of the most amazing things to see these students emerge into being more competent communicators.

Yet, I realize that I have been working too much. I will always work hard, but I realize that when I go out to dinner with a friend, or go dancing, or whatever, I am so much fresher. Truly I am speaking a cliche’ of taking care of yourself so you can help others, but I get it on a different level this time.

Very simply, I understood this on a level of being afraid of the consequence, and tonight I get it on the level of being caring of myself. There is something lightening about that, something fun even. I feel free to help and serve, but also free to have fun and take care of myself! That sounds like a better balance.

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