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Here is a launcher of the posts related to ASHA 2007:

  1. Poster Boards of Interest at ASHA 2007
  2. AAC: Display Characteristics That Support Aided Symbol Use: Color & Animation at ASHA
  3. OLPC and AAC for the Developing World with Adam Bowker at ASHA 2007
  4. Evidence-Based AAC Interventions for Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers with Janice Light at ASHA
  5. AAC and OT by Aileen Costigan and Janice Light at ASHA
  6. Getting Beyond Imitation with Cynthia Cress at ASHA
  7. Survey of the Literacy Environment of Children With Down Syndrome at ASHA
  8. Gail Gillon’s Phonological Awareness Sessions at ASHA
  9. ASHA Thursday Morning: Evidenced Based Literacy Instruction for Individuals Who Require AAC
  10. ASHA Begins Images
  11. ASHA 2007 Boston Guide

Additionally, link to all the handouts for ASHA 2007 here.

The power of committed individuals, the power of research, and the combination of the power of actively engaged individuals with aac systems made a terrific impression on me at ASHA 2007 this year. Seeing the power that families have when they advocate for their children in all sorts of ways was something that will be indelibly in my mind from this experience. Seeing much clearer the importance of the research path has been such a weight off my shoulders. I see where I want to go forward and so I will. The combination of seeing all the work on early learning and aac use by Dr. Cynthia Cress, Dr. Janice Light, and the literacy work of Dr. Gail Gillon was so focusing and also so thought provoking. That combined with what we are seeing with the new systems from ALL the major companies is really good for the learners we serve and for us as teachers. Last, it really made me smile to see the Blink Twice Tango Town in the midst of this huge sea of the body that is speech and language pathology. It sure is a terrific time to be trying to help the people we serve.



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