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Motivation to Write

By Sam Sennott

We can share many things when we write. We can share our selves, joy, pain, insights, laughter, encouragement, discouragement, a kind word, information, or curiosity. For many people, being highly motivated to write is an assistance to the writing process. What do you think motivates you most to write? What motivates your students?

Here is an idea: Use “YouTube” videos to motivate. You can do it in as many ways as you can think of. Here is the first of many to share. Gizmo Flushes: The cat that cost his family a great deal in a water bill! All day long that curious cat was flushing! Download Intellitools File: Here at the OTOT site Download PowerPoint File: Here at the OTOT site

Giz screenshot

After a good hearty laugh, you can go to it and write your impressions or what you thought about the video. Maybe this spurs your mind to think of something else that made you laugh! Maybe you want to write about your cat and something they did that is funny. These writing starters are meant to be something that someone may want to write about, and intended to be a choice. Please consider, how you give “writing assignments”. I hope you and your students like them and I also hope you are spurred on to think of others ways to use this basic premise.


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  1. YouTube is a good motivator for young and older, student and teacher. There is an endless amount of content and topics on YouTube and similar sites. A cool tool you should try is StumbleUpon. You download a toolbar onto your browser and select what topics you like to search for online and then click on the Stumble button and it takes you to random website related to your interest that have gotten the most positive votes and reviews from other StumbleUpon users. I’ve ran across some amazing videos, websites, and information using this tool. As long as you filter the content it is a fun too for students as well who want to learn new things using fun games and interactive media and websites.

    Comment by K. Greenhaw, EnableMart | December 11, 2007 | Reply

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