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Apple Announcements

By Samuel Sennott

Were you hoping for the Apple PDA/Tablet with a 1.5 times form factor as the iPhone? I sure was and my hopes were dashed. I was also dreaming a bit, hoping for the Macbook tablet. Yet, based on the evidence described today, I think it is on the way. The new Macbook Air, the last of the big keynote announcements today, incorporates multi-touch technology in the trackpad. Touch technologies of this kind are not only hardware based, but software as well. The fact that Apple has the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and now increasing touch capabilities in the laptops gives hope for this.

Nonetheless, it was exciting hearing the Macworld updates today.

Watch the Keynote

I like the Time Capsule the best! It is a 500GB or 1 TB wireless hard drive/ airport extreme device that both backs up your Mac, as well as provides an innovative storage solution. No more slepping SDPro Boards or Audacity tweaked language banked samples around on flash memory every few minutes! Just kidding.

Yet, did you see the MacBook Air? macbook air

Can you really believe how thin it is? Check out the Macrumors article with some great enlargable images. Anyway, the solid state hard drive is the feature of the biggest interest to me. That means it is flash memory and not the spinning drives, we are used to. Much more durable for AAC devices and laptops for children.

The Apple movie rental system could be cool for many individuals with special needs. The integration between the OS and the many portable options is very nice.

Yet, the big one for assistive technology is the February release date of the developers kit. On your mark get set… Seriously, the newest Apple technologies give us hope, because of the literacy connections and the AAC connections similar to those described in the recent study: Children’s ideas for the design of AAC assistive technologies for young children with complex communication needs.

What do you think of the updates?


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  4. I like some of the releases from Apple from an AT perspective. I love the airport as far as backing up. I use Time Capsule to backup my laptop, but not being tethered to a backup drive and not having to think about the backup is great.
    I also was hoping to see a tablet and touchscreen technology.
    I do not have an iphone because we cannot get coverage here, but I am excited about the developers kit.
    Do you do any type of programming? e.g.. applescript, java etc…..

    Comment by Mark | January 19, 2008 | Reply

  5. Mark, yes the time capsule seems real good for a classroom. Just all the file moving stuff seems easier than working with a school network.

    I am in the midst of doing a bunch of python tutorials. It is teaching me a great deal. I got inspired when I received my OLPC laptop. At this point, I am not sure if I will choose go full speed ahead or opt to develop greater background knowledge which would help with collaboration between computer scientists and myself. Anyway, it is amazing stuff to say the least.

    Comment by alltogether | January 19, 2008 | Reply

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