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Martin Luther King Day 2008

by Samuel Sennott

Martin Luther King Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. I have the speech on vinyl and remember the first time I played it and the chills down to the spine. The power of YouTube brings both the audio and video to you and your students.

Feel free to download the PowerPoint Writing Template Here: or the Intellipics Here. As always, if you don’t have good accessibility tools for writing, check out the Tar Heel Typer, created and open sourced by Daniel Parker.


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AAC Intervention Tip of the Month

by Samuel Sennott

Have you ever checked out the excellent resources at the AAC Intervention website by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite and Julie Maro? The tip of the month feature is terrific. I have found fabulous and very useful resources there, including literacy support materials, simple accessibility ideas, AAC resources, AT resources, and more.

The archives go back to 1999, so definitely go digging!

Here is the 2007 archive.

January 2007 Barrier Communication Games for AAC Users July 2007Matching Activities to Standards
February 2007Wiley and Durrell List – On Steroids! August 2007Tech Tips and Social Scripts
March 2007Conversation Parts September 2007 Songboards as Visual Supports
April 2007WAV * AIFF * MP3 * MP4 * WMA * M4A – Managing Sound Files October 2007Honey, Not Vinegar
May 2007iTunes for Us

Ten Terrific Reasons to Use iTunes

November 2007Talk of the Town
June 2007Rhyme, Rhythm, Repetition December 2007


January 2006 – AAC Device Tracking July 2006Songboard Websites
February 2006Moving and Grooving and Talking! August 2006Initial Letter Cueing
March 2006Talking Everywhere September 2006Fire House Stories
April 2006Story Scripts October 2006Halloween Wheels
May 2006Collections November 2006330 Top Sight Words
June 2006Mealtime Placemat December 2006Regional Geography

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