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Kicking off With Linda Burkhart’s Stepping Stones

by Samuel Sennott

Download the Coordinating Handout for the Workshop:

Two Switches for Success: Access for Children with Severe Physical and/or Multiple Challenges

Linda Burkhart’s Terrific Website:

Generous Offering of Handouts

LBurkhart ATIA 2008

Linda Burkhart starts the hour with redefining “errorless learning”, a term she has used often. She speaks about how for her it means a forum for learning filled with strategic and meaningful feedback where the child can problem solve during their efforts, focusing on active learning and experimentation. She speaks about a flooding into the field of a skewed look at the concept that speaks about just, “not letting the learner mess up.” For me, her teaching on this concept is forever tied with her classic story of the lady with the yellow umbrella. (not told this session) She shows this concept of active learning, so clearly during a later software demonstration showing informative feedback for an emerging two switch scanner stacking virtual blocks.

“How long do I teach cause and effect? Well, about ten minutes…for the year.” , says Linda. She tells us that children can get this concept very quickly, if we do the hard work of setting the environment so that the learner can, “get it.” We see some excellent video examples of children using the movements that they already have to “get it” and quickly move on to more cognitively engaging activities.

Some Clips from the Hour Session:

Stepping Stone One: Cause and Effect

Getting What the Movement it is: Cause and Effect: learning for yourself

Couple Software Pics:

Judy Lynne Software: Boombox

Marblesoft: Everybody has Feet by Bill Lynn

Getting it in Several Locations: a lot of things you can do and have fun doing it.

Goal: Practicing: Thousands of times with intent, purpose, and motivation

Two Switches Two Functions

Two Switch Step Scanning

Software Pics: Inclusive TLC: Switchit Wildlife

Stealth Switch: An affordable $70 (here at ATIA) switch interface that allows you to reprogram the switch inputs like the intelliswitch. Sold by Technology for Education Look for direct link asap.

Stealth Switch pic

Stealth Switch software interface.

stealth screenshot


January 31, 2008 - Posted by | AAC, Assistive Technology, AT, ATIA2008


  1. Looks to be an awesome switch (interface). I talked to Howard who is making the Switch and said it should be available in the next several weeks. He wants to make sure the software is just perfect.
    There is a 5-port and 10 port version. Each port is configurable. You can also save configurations for specific situations or software. Once you configure the switch you can unplug it and bring it to another computer and it holds that configuration in the switch itself. I was able to test drive the switch at CTG for the gaming session I did. There are 2 pieces of software that come with the switch. One is to set up the configurations and the other software is for switching configurations from the top menu.
    This can have so many applications. If you use SwitchJam for example and you are changing instruments for kids between songs, instead of unplugging and plugging in different switch ports, you just load a new configuration.
    One of the hidden features will be able to use one of the ports to go to a second level, which essentially doubles the amount of switch activations you can have in a setup. For example, you could have switch settings in a single configuration.
    Way Cool!!

    Comment by Mark | February 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Linda has a good point– it’s important to foster an environment where children can “get it” and move on to more engaging cognitive activities.
    Judy Lynne’s Boombox is a good start. She has a few other programs that also teach children cause & effect too. Her Cause & Effect Amusement Park fosters an entertaining environment, I think. There’s also Cause & Effect Factory for preschool-aged children.

    Comment by Kimberly | February 8, 2008 | Reply

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