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Receptive Before Expressive with Linda Burkhart

by Samuel Sennott

How did you learn to talk? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Did you learn to speak english as a child? Did you learn spanish? I ponder these questions as Linda Burkhart starts the hour long workshop reminding us about the importance of modeling, as she brings us back to the classic Engineering the Environment texts and the concept of aided language stimulation.  This receptive before expressive concept and the idea of constantly modeling the use of components in an AAC system makes so much sense!  Here are some notes from the hour:

Partner Assisted Scanning

Asking the right questions is key. Automaticity with yes and no is a goal. Keeping the yes and no on consistent sides is helpful in the process. : )

Parter assisted scanning, while still English, has:

  • Different Structure
  • Different Pace
  • Different Pragmatics
  • Different Interactive Strategies

The Organization

Pragmatically Organized Dynamic Display (PODD) Communication Books (Gayle Porter)

Find out more by checking out:

*NEW – Instructional Course – Presented at ISAAC in Germany – July 2006*

Partner-Assisted Communication Strategies for
Children Who Face Multiple Challenges

PODD Communication Books – Gayle Porter

Linda J. Burkhart and Gayle Porter

SEE KID SEE BOOK is such a good catch phrase to take from this workshop. It keeps it simple when you are trying to help a learner and the team surrounding the learner.

Practice, Practice, Practice using it yourself. (the system)

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