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Microsoft Word and Slater Software’s Free Online Symbol Resource-Video Podcast

An Podcast by Samuel Sennott.

Slater Software, creators of the excellent literacy and communication software, Picture It, generously offer a free online symbol resource search tool. Click here to to it:

slater logo

This assistive technology podcast demonstrates how to create a nine location augmentative communication board utilizing Microsoft Word and this free Literacy Support Picture Search Tool. First we create a button, or cell. Then that cell is changed from the default blue color, and the text is enabled and formatted to be centered. We then are free to add text, search for symbols at, and drag those symbols back into MS Word.
The advantage of using this resource is many people’s comfort level with Microsoft Word. A significant drawback of this resource for extensive use is the limited symbol searching capabilities. Slater Software’s Picture It software is a terrific resource to look at if you ready to take the next steps.

Download the 9 Location Microsoft Word Template Here: 9 Location Get Started

9 Location Get Started screenshot

Here is an example of a greetings and chatting board created using the method outlined in the podcast.

9 greeting ss


February 27, 2008 - Posted by | AAC, AT, Literacy, writing


  1. Sam,
    Nice job with the podcast – very clear and easy to follow. Well done!
    What do you think about creating it in PPT and adding the audio for direct select using either a touch screen or mouse?

    Comment by Karen Janowski | February 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. Karen, Thank you. Most definitely about PP. Good call! I was thinking along the same lines. I am working on a post that utilizes the features in Office 2007 Windows and 2008 Mac and will include that. Also, the new image finder capabilities in Office rock.

    Plus, if you use the language banking process to record the voices and pitch the voices, you can create a pretty powerful set up. Yet, I think in the scheme of things, the best application of this would be for activity based communication inside of your PowerPoint based eBooks or other educational content. SD Pro and the other powerful speaking softwares are just too much easier and more powerful. The dollar a day they cost over the course of a year is more than worth it.

    Yet, you more than anyone has taught me the power of getting people into it, getting started. I think that PP and Word are very powerful for that. Thanks for your comment!

    Comment by alltogether | February 28, 2008 | Reply

  3. Thanks Sam. It is a great idea to use the tools that most every one has at their fingertips. Even with tight budgets, there are tools that are available for making quality and meaningful curricular supports. Office, iWorks, iLife, etc….. are great tools that I feel can really expand the what can be created and offered to students.

    Comment by Mark | February 29, 2008 | Reply

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