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The Power of Community

by Samuel Sennott

I feel so thankful to be working with and to have worked with some of the most amazing and terrific people. It is such a gift to be working with the excellent graduate students in my classroom. Every day they come to these children and the work with so much. I remember the hard working staff and faculty at the elementary school, where I led an inclusion program. Their dedication to teaching and their late nights and weekends preparing definitely made me feel better on those Sunday trips to that very special classroom. Yet, nothing can compare to the individuals at the MCL Respite Center in Hopkinton. Forever, the care and true compassion demonstrated there has indelibly marked my heart and mind. The friendships and experiences in that house are the foundation of my work. I feel more than thankful for being a part of that house. From the directors to every one of the staff, the feeling is there.

As I begin to take ever deeper steps into being a teacher, I realize how important my colleagues or co-teachers have been. From the success of a student’s first eye gaze communication choices, to the challenge of the tough days in the classroom, I hear the words of my mentors and the practitioners I listen closely to. From words about two switch step scanning to the dignity I learned about at the Respite, I am so thankful for those words and actions. This post is meant to be a simple thank you for the teaching assistants, teachers, therapists, families, directors, and professors that have and are making a difference in my teaching practice. Thank you.

I especially thank the amazing individuals at Nova Southeastern University who are believing in me, supporting the important work we are engaged in, and caring about me as a person. As I have stepped one foot into the world of higher education, see more clearly the importance of that mission and component of the work. Also, much thanks to my friends and family who are so present to me. To anyone reading this post and considering becoming an educator, one thought to put on the “pro” list is the amazing people you will meet and work with.


March 24, 2008 - Posted by | AAC, inspiration, Special Education

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  1. Sam,

    Wonderful post. We all have so many to thank along the way as we evolve to the professionals that we are today – advocating for the best for each of our students and doing “whatever it takes.”
    Thank you for all you do and teach each of us and for your sensitivity and compassion for all.

    Comment by Karen Janowski | March 25, 2008 | Reply

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