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CEC’s SmartBrief

by Samuel Sennott

CEC’s SmartBrief is a five times a week news aggregator of sorts, filled with useful articles and links from around the web. I find it to include many articles from local newspapers around the country, that provide a mix of information regarding disabilities and special education. Overall, it is a valuable resource that is useful for families and educators alike.

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May 27, 2008 News for special education professionals
Curriculum & Instruction

  • Hearing disorders may mimic ADHD
    Auditory-processing disorders may prevent students from living up to their potential, writes certified speech-language pathologist Lynn Carahaly. Testing for hearing and auditory-processing disorders can help explain ADHD-like symptoms, she says. The Arizona Republic (Phoenix) (5/25)

  • Georgia officials don’t know fate of students who fail high-stakes tests
    Because it has no tracking system in place for keeping tabs on students who fail high-stakes state competency exams, the state of Georgia doesn’t know whether the roughly 36,000 Georgia eighth-graders who failed a state math test required for high-school admission in 2006 and 2007 entered high-school anyway, repeated the eighth grade or dropped out of school. “My guess would be most districts are probably going ahead and letting students go on to the next grade,” said Ron Dietel, an assistant director of UCLA’s National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards and Student Testing. “But if you don’t know that, how do you know if the test is doing what it is supposed to do? How do you know if the remediation is doing what it’s supposed to do?” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (free registration) (5/25)
The PCI Reading Program, developed for nonreaders, is fully scripted for easy implementation by teachers, paraprofessionals, or classroom volunteers. The program includes 42 controlled-vocabulary books that build students’ self-confidence as they work their way word by word through the 280 sight words in Levels One and Two. Get full details.
Educational Leadership

  • Obituary: Educator had talent for reaching children with disabilities
    Laura (Levine) Sherman, 78, slowly lost her hearing and increasingly relied on lip-reading during her quarter-century of classroom teaching, but she never lost her knack for reaching out to children with special needs, relatives and colleagues said. “She heard with her heart,” said her daughter, Rosslyn Shamash, after Sherman died of cancer May 16. The Boston Globe (5/26)

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Hot Topics

Top five news stories selected by CEC SmartBrief readers in the past week.

  • Results based on number of times each story was clicked by readers.
Technology Trends

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