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Super Switch Hitter by Switch-in-Time

by Samuel Sennott

Do your students want to play a fun, interactive, and engaging switch accessible baseball game? Mine do too! Check out, Super Switch Hitter, the latest terrific release from Switch in Time. The amazing Jon Adams has done it again, adding to the famed accessible music softwares Switch Ensemble and Switch Jam. I believe that your students will greatly enjoy this summer pastime. Also, consider having the students go to their journals just after they play.

Super Switch Hitter

Switch Hitter


  • Absolutely fun: Suitable for all ages!
  • Students can play on opposing teams or on the same team.
  • 5 play modes: From very simple single switch access to multiple switches, auto-scanning and two switch step-scanning.
  • Fully customizable: Ball size, ball speed, optional auto-fielding and a special “hover ball” feature (for errorless batting) guarantee a successful experience for all players!

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