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WebAnywhere: A Screen Reader on the Go

by Samuel Sennott

Things are surely getting interesting with the release of WebAnywhere, the screen reader on the go. This just may be a sign of things shifting to the power of open source/ freeware and the University connection aspect of the AT work.  I look forward to speaking with some friends who are blind about this.  I was on and using this screen reader in less than one minute.  Check it out.

Pulled from various parts of their website, found at:

WebAnywhere:  A Screen reader on the go

Launch it: Try the WebAnywhere Alpha Release

A 2008 presentation by a team member on the project:

WebAnywhere: A Screen Reader On-the-Go, 2008

Presented by Jeffrey P. Bigham on 10/15/2007. Link: WebAnywhere PPT.

The cheat sheet:

You interact with WebAnywhere using the keyboard. A selection of keyboard commands that are currently supported is listed below. Pressing SHIFT in combination with them reverses the direction of the search, searching backward from the current cursor position instead of forward from it.

  • CTRL-L – move the cursor to the location box where you can type a URL to visit.
  • Arrow Down – read the next element on the page.
  • Arrow Up – read the previous element on the page.
  • CTRL-H – skip to the next heading.
  • CTRL-I – skip to the next input element.
  • CTRL-R – skip to the next row by cell when in a table.
  • CTRL-D – skip to the next column by cell when in a table.
  • Page Down – read continuously from the current position.
  • Home – read continuously, starting over from the beginning of the page.
  • CTRL – silence WebAnywhere and pause the system.

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