AAC, AT, Families, Inclusion, Literacy, UDL Creates Good Recordings of Text

by Samuel Sennott


Previously I wrote a post covering online text to speech recording called Listening to Research as MP3 Files on Your iWhatever.  Today, I got word of a very powerful tool of this genre called ReadTheWords.  It not only is quick, has a smooth graphic user interface, the ability to embed your recording, but it also has an option to have an avatar read your text.

Check out some information from their site:

how it works

Step 1: Tell Us What You
Want To Read

  • Upload MS Word
  • Upload Adobe PDF
  • Upload HTML File
  • Write Text Content
  • Cut & Paste Text
  • Website Address
  • RSS Feed
Step 2: Choose A Reader

  • Choose 1 of 15 Readers
  • We Read English, Spanish and French
  • Control Reader’s Speed
  • Superfast Conversion Speed
  • Less than 1 minute to generate over 1 hrs worth of Reading.
Step 3: Sit Back & Listen

  • Listen to your Reading Online
  • Download mp3 to your Ipod
  • Post Your Reading in Website or Blog
  • Turn Your Reading into a Podcast
  • Enable Multi-tasking
  • Saves Time
  • Improve Comprehension

Click to hear a recent blog post.

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