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A Grow With You Text to Speech Voice

by Samuel Sennott

Two years ago, when I first started recording voices using Audacity and pitching and working with the tempo to change adult voices into child like voices (what I call language banking) for recording in various AAC devices my students were using, I had a dream of a text to speech voice that aged with the student.  I think that this probably will be an option for the future.  I imagine that you could do some workups right now doing some time elapsed pitch and tempo adjusts in some of the high quality voices available now.

This thought reemerged as I read a post on the Schuyler’s Monster Blog post,  Vox monstrum.

Thinking about this makes me remember those moments when I show children how I can make my voice turn into a little boy or girl sounding voice.  They like having a kid voice in their co-planned sequenced social scripts or songs, rather than an adult male or female voice as recorded from teachers.

This also reminds me the that it is long overdue to get the definitive language banking guide up.  Hopefully by ISAAC that can happen.

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