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Schuyler’s Monster

by Samuel Sennott

I highly recommend this book, Schuyler’s Monster, by Robert Rummel-Hudson. (Pronounced -Sky as in blue and -ler as in ler)

schuylers-monster book cover

Schuylers Monster book cover

Reading Schuyler’s Monster made me feel the same way I felt four years ago when I just happened to pick up the New York Times and read Is There a Place in Class for Thomas in the Sunday Magazine.  It made me feel the way I felt when I saw Including Samuel in Montreal at ISAAC three weeks ago.  It made me feel similar to how I felt the first time I heard Linda Burkhart speak at Closing the Gap.  It made me feel the way I felt when I heard Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver at their summer Literacy in AAC seminar.

It made me cry.  It made me laugh.  It made me believe that what I am doing is right.  So if you are a parent, a friend, a speech pathologist, a student in speech or education, a director of “fill in the blank”, please consider reading this book.  It goes there.  Yet, sometimes, whether it is a gutsy move at a dinner with some friends, (multiple meanings), or leaving it all to live your dream, you just might have to go there.  So if you can’t get to this link at Amazon,  or you can’t hit up your local Barnes and Noble or Borders, check out the blog.

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  1. I just ordered this book together with “The Elephant in the Playroom” from for a total of $21 together. (I added another $4 book to get free shipping). The Elephant book is supposed to be good and is a collection of essays about the experiences of parents with their children with special needs. This is a great deal for both books – they usually cost a lot more!

    Comment by Jen | August 28, 2008 | Reply

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