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Being Present

by Samuel Sennott

In the Vermont woods, I have had a chance to take a half step back and watch the leaves fall.  I have been able to let go and be present.  While I have only had a few days off, it feels like a month already.  It is enjoyable to be sitting outside with my family’s new puppy, reading Walden and the Dog Wisperer interchangeably. This creative absence feels so wrong to the constantly striving part of my personality.  Yet, looking at those thoughts and feelings unwaveringly is showing that there is time to rest and restore.  This getting back to basics really feels right.

I thouroughly enjoy teaching and in the past few days, I have had some pangs of missing my students.  Yet, this short break or sabatical of sorts is really proving to have been a good choice for me as a teacher.  I realize that I now have worked for over ten years in my field.  The experiences have been powerful.  From the amazing early times at the Respite Center to student teaching while at Gordon College to the  classrooms and camp programs, I have had the good fortune to lead, I am so thankful for the experiences.  It feels good to reflect and consider the next steps.  Yet, as I slow down and unclog my senses, it feels like those next steps flow naturally.  Anyway, I now know that planning in this break was a very good idea.

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