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Open Learning Portfolio Template

by Samuel Sennott

screenshot of the portfolio template contents page

Screen shot of the Portfolio Template Contents Page


In the one room schoolhouse of yesteryear, there were children of differing ages, with varying learning profiles, and vastly different learning objectives.  State and district multiple choice, diagnostic systems (supposedly diagnostic) may be easily scored, disseminated, and interpreted by a microcomputer application.  Yet, for all learners a better assessment system, or possibly more correctly put, information system, is far superior.  Electronic portfolios can be that better assessment system.  What is the point of assessment?  I believe that it is so that the learner and their teachers know where they are at and where they are going.
Utilizing good design and presentation in an increasingly digital age, is important to the successful information transfer process in special education.  To many times, therapists and teachers look at the IEP document as a boring static “thing”.  Alternate assessment portfolios have amazing potential and it is an overwhelming success that we are “on the ticket”.  Yet, seemingly always, these things are done for “them” and not for the true benefit of the learner and the learning process.  This portfolio system seeks to be for the learner, their family, and for the individuals and collectives that serve that learner.  The goal is simple:  show the learner and their teachers where they are at, where they came from, and where they are going.  It is essentially similar to what the State Alternate Assessment systems should hope to be, but are unable to achieve because of the stigma created.  To be successful, we will stay student focused, utilize multi-modal media, and good principles of design.


The PowerPoint Template to Download:    open-learning-portfolio-template

The Description of the Contents and Hierarchy:   Open-learning-portfolio-system

Handout (PDF)  Closing the Gap 2008 Presentation, Portfolios That Work by Mary Ann Lowe SLP. D., CCC-SLP and Samuel Sennott.  portfolios-that-work-closing-the-gap-handout

Presentation at Closing the Gap

Portfolios that Work

Date: Thu, Oct 16, 2008 from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Location: Plaza 4 Sheraton
Category: assessment
Format: demonstration

Subject Level: Intermediate
Computer Level: Intermediate

By using mixed media-based digital learning portfolios, a teacher can demonstrate learning in an unprecedented way. Using digital photos, video, text, and the versatile Microsoft PowerPoint, the individualized education plan comes alive to truly show learning taking place. This presentation will feature a free downloadable portfolio system in the PowerPoint format. The portfolio system is based on research conducted as part of Dr. Mary Ann Lowe’s dissertation in the Doctoral Studies Program in Speech Language Pathology at Nova Southeastern University, and includes additional research-based content and technical work by both Dr. Lowe and Samuel Charles Sennott.

Samuel Sennott, Mary Ann Lowe


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