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Write Online Press Release From Cricksoft

by Samuel Sennott

I have offered to post press releases from companies of whom products I appreciate. Crick Software just sent this release regarding WriteOnline.  I tested WriteOnline and heard John and Anne Crick present on it @ Closing the Gap last month and this is by far the immediately available product I am most excited about in all of technology in education and communication!  If you have not tried it, get yourself right to their 30 day trial.  They just won an Java award from Sun for their work :

Press Release
For more information:

Crick Software, Inc.
203 221 2697

Crick Software adds more personalization to WriteOnline

WESTPORT, CT (October 10, 2008) WriteOnline, Crick Software’s new online word processor, can now be used by even more students thanks to the addition of more personalization and accessibility options.

Crick Software is well-known as the developer of Clicker, the writing tool for younger students that is now used extensively in elementary schools.. WriteOnline is rapidly becoming equally popular in middle and high schools.

“We designed WriteOnline for all students, from budding authors to those who really struggle with writing,” said CEO John Crick, “and we’re really excited that now even more students can reap the benefits.”

WriteOnline’s unique Wordbar® brings curriculum writing tasks within the reach of all learners by giving easy access to an unlimited number of words and phrases. It is here that Crick has added the on-screen keyboard, integrated into Wordbar so that it can easily be displayed with a single mouse click.

John Crick explains: “Students who struggle to use an ordinary keyboard often find an onscreen one a better alternative – it means they only have to look in one place while they are writing.”

For students unable to use a mouse or tracker ball, Crick has added switch accessibility, making WriteOnline a truly inclusive tool. Other new personalization options are included that will benefit all students.

All of WriteOnline’s support options, such as speech, word prediction, and the new accessibility features, are personalized for the individual, ensuring that just the right support can be provided The preferences are all saved online, so are they automatically applied whether the student logs in at school, home, or elsewhere.

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