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Keyboard Shortcuts

by Samuel Sennott

Keyboard shortcuts can help you work more efficiently.  Whether you use the basics such as cutting and pasting, or some more advanced combinations to access taking screenshot, using keyboard shortcuts can streamline your workflow, help keep your concentration on your task, and save time. In my GTD system, they are very important to keeping my workflow going.  Karen Janowski just posted a terrific printable reminder handout here:

Here is the Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcut list:

Here are two keyboard shortcut posts from the always fabulous

Last, but not least, here is my favorite shortcut list of all, the GMAIL shortcut list:

Some of my favorite mac-centric shortcuts are:

  • command-tab to toggle open applications
  • command-space to open the spotlight search feature
  • command -number keys in Firefox to toggle different open tabs
  • shift-command-4 to do a screenshot that saves as a picture
  • shift-control-command-4 to do a screenshot that saves to the clipboard
  • command-c to copy
  • command-v to paste
  • command-x to cut (copies and then erases is another way to conceptualize this)
  • command-z to undo ( in most applications)



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  1. Thanks 🙂

    Glad to be of use. I love Alltogether.

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