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ATIA 2008


Prepare for ATIA 2008 with

All this week, this will be the start page, as we blog our way to the start of and through the conference. Look for updates about ways to participate in ATIA 2008, even if you cannot attend.


  1. 1/31 12:17 AM Check out the innovative use of wikispaces as a session syllabus tool at ATIA in the pre-conference:

    Web 2.0 and Assistive Technology: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Diverse Learners

  2. 1/31 8:00 Linda Burkhart tells about Stealth Switch. Modifiable switch settings that stay with the interface, even without the software! Very Cool. Looking for the link.

Download a Session Planner

ATIA Session Planner Word Document

My ATIA Session Planner Printable PDF

ATTENTION: Spread the Word: Free Exhibit Hall Friday Night and Saturday Morning

Send this link to anyone you know in the Central Florida area, accessible to Orlando. Or download the free coupon by clicking here or on the coupon picture.The exhibit hall is open to the public Friday evening from 2 to 5 and on Saturday morning from 9 to 12.

ATia 2008 coupon

Key Links for the Conference

  1. Main ATIA Conference Page
  2. Conference Program PDF Download
  3. Lodging and Transportation
  4. map to caribe royaleMap and Directions from Airport to Caribe Royale
  5. Google Map to Caribe Royale

Sessions by Samuel Sennott

Thursday Afternoon 2:30 to 3:30

Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World: AAC and Literacy Supports That are Cool

Free Accessible Books, Alternative Pencils, Musical Instruments, Sports, Art, Visual Scene Display Templates, Voice Morphing for Free and the OLPC Laptop are some of the powerful ways we can inspire, motivate, and connect the learners we teach. Come receive, learn and also participate in the ongoing project as we leverage the Read/Write Web.

KOR Handout

Saturday Mid-Morning 10:30 to 12:30

The Language Banking Lab (Special Two Hour Session)

Focused on teaching how to record voices for step sequencing devices and AAC systems both mid and high tech. You will learn how to record a voice and how to use Audacity to voice morph to make an adult voice sound like a child. Parents are specially invited to come learn how to record voices for quick words/pop talk sections of their children’s AAC devices.



  1. Thanks Sam, this is great, even for an ATIA veteran who knows Orlando..thanks for the session planner! Even adults need pre-organizing strategies!

    Comment by Elisa Wern | January 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. Elisa, I hear you. There really is freeing power in making your list. Kind of like lesson plans. : )

    Comment by alltogether | January 28, 2008 | Reply

  3. Sam,
    Thanks for the info on Brian and Karen’s pre-conference. I was not able to make it to ATIA this year and I appreciate you bringing the info to us!

    Comment by Beth Poss | February 3, 2008 | Reply

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