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Fablevision Books

by Samuel Sennott

Check out the Fablevision collection of books to read online.  You can find them at: .  There is some two switch accessibility with tab and enter.  Other than that you must use a mouse click.  There are some decent conventional texts here to explore.

The Adventures of Sticky Burr by John Lechner A comic adventure for all ages, featuring Sticky Burr, a little forest burr with a mind of his own. The adventure continues each week, so stay tuned!
The Blue Shoe by Peter H. Reynolds The classic story that inspired the award-winning film. It’s about one shoe’s quest for a sole mate and the choices made regarding personal relationships.
The Clever Stick by John Lechner
A fable about expressing oneself, and overcoming obstacles. It’s a story about life and art, featuring a very clever stick.
Living Forever by Peter H, Reynolds
A charming illustrative tale revolving around inspiration and creativity, dedicated to everybody who has contributed something to the world and to those who benefited by those contributions.
The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds
A touching tale of following one’s path. Peter uses whimsical metaphors and allegories to express the choices one makes in the journey of life. This story and philosophy is so big it’s got its own website!
Playing From The Heart by Peter H. Reynolds
Sometimes the promise of a skill doesn’t always mean a total life-calling. Things do have a way of working themselves out, though. Peter’s short story of a talented lad and his encouraging dad best describes that situation.

The Blue Shoe
by Peter H. Reynolds

Deep Spring
by Peter H. Reynolds

The Eyebrow Story
by Peter H. Reynolds

Benjamin’s Bowtie
by Noah Z. Jones

Download Classic Mac Version (ben.sit – 328k)
Download Windows Version ( – 312k)

Tess’s Tree
by Jess Brallier

by Delores Esposito

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  1. I am a classroom teacher and a big fan of Peter H. Reynolds and FableVision. Although the original topic of your post is online books, I wanted to point you and your readers to a new book available from FableVision. It is called “Wings of Epoh” and it is about a boy with Autism. It was written by Gerda Weissman Klein and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. There is also a DVD of the book. It was done cooperatively with SARCC.
    Epoh is Hope spelled backwards!

    For more information, please go to You won’t be sorry.

    Comment by Terry Shay | July 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. Terry. Looks like a great book and good resource.

    Comment by alltogether | July 22, 2008 | Reply

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